Monday, January 26, 2015


 If you look around and really look closely you'll get to witness the wonders of it. Last weekend, I was on a trip with my best of friends at one of the hidden gems in Samal. That's the thing about exploring (+ asking) you'll never know what adventure you're getting into.

If you're an adrenaline junkie, this place has a room in your heart. Cliff diving, definitely not for the faint of hearts. All I can say is that level 1 is enough, level 2 is too much and level 3 is just way beyond our limits. I'd say death defying *Hyperbole is ON*. But if you're one tough monster, I bet you'd try all levels with no hesitations. Good luck with that! *wink'wink*

Lesson learned: Leave all hesitations behind and just take the plunge.
It really took me a very loong time to finally jump. After all the cycle of wanting and having second thoughts of free falling, you'd really feel that euphoric feeling afterwards and it will leave you wanting for more. It's such a bummer that I didn't pack loads of courage to jump at all levels. Despite all the fears I'd still definitely comeback and make sure to gather and pack lots of bravery on my backpack.

And maybe you guessed it right - I was the last one to jump. Thank you friends for being so patient and at the same time pushing me so hard that finally had the guts to push myself right into the water! I think I'd still be at the tip of the cliff if they weren't all such pushers. They even threatened me that they won't get out of the water unless I get to jump. Such true friends, right? HAHA!

First to put a mark on my where-to-next? travel bucket list: (/) Free Falling at Sabang, Samal
Till the next adventure.. xx

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